Thursday, June 2, 2011

Sea Oats

Sea Oats

8x8 Oil on gallery wrapped canvas.

Random fact of the day: Sea Oats (some call them Sea Wheat) are a species of grass that grows along the East Coast of the Us, Florida, and the Gulf of Mexico. They are protected by law. Apparently there's not that much of it so you can get fined for damaging the stalks in some places. But I was looking at them last summer while at Huntington Beach State Park. They have to be the most awesome type of grass I've ever seen. I wanted to pick them and put them in a bouquet. There were signs saying "Don't damage the Sea Oats!" So I left them in peace.

So next time you're somewhere on the East Coast beaches and you see what appears to be wheat growing in the sand take a minute to look closer and notice them.

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